Paying For SEO Services With Cryptocurrency

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Paying For SEO Services With Cryptocurrency

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word cryptocurrency?

Let me guess—Bitcoin, right?

Well that wouldn’t be surprising, given Bitcoin is one of the most widely recognized cryptocurrencies available to date. Even companies are buying into it with Tesla purchasing $1.5 billion worth of the stuff.

Paying For SEO Services With Cryptocurrency

Given the rise in cryptocurrencies, it’s only natural for companies to adapt and offer payments with these new digital currencies, and Geeky Tech is now becoming one of them.


In this post, we’re going to discuss the history and benefits of cryptocurrency and explain why Geeky Tech thinks everyone should start using it.

Can I Pay For My SEO With Bitcoin Now?

Yes! In fact, we are now encouraging more people to pay for their search engine optimisation with Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies. This, of course, is optional. Besides the fact that crypto payments allow for lower transaction costs, they also lower the potential for fraud. Paying in cryptocurrency gives the buyer confidence in knowing there’s an extreme level of identity-theft protection that traditional payment methods don’t offer. There is absolutely zero personal identity attached to a crypto payment; it is purely digital cash that has no way of being intercepted or duplicated and the identity of the buyer cannot be disclosed. This makes cryptocurrency payments a more lucrative method of payment.
Save 5% on our SEO services whenever you pay with crypto

Why Is Geeky Tech Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments For SEO?

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we get pretty geeky with technology. We believe in the future of cryptocurrency and all the benefits it has to offer.

We work with tech clients from all over the world, which means there’s usually a higher fee and exchange cost involved with typical wire transfers. Cryptocurrencies have no mediators or any government affiliations, therefore, the transaction fees are kept rather low.

Will My Services Cost More or Less When I Pay With Bitcoin?

Besides the nifty 5% discount, your SEO services will cost the exact same as if you were paying through conventional payment methods. Our prices are set at a base rate in GBP which will be converted to a BTC price upon request.

How Do I Start Paying For SEO With Cryptocurrency?

If you would like to pay for our SEO services using cryptocurrency, you are going to need a ‘wallet’. There are multiple ways to obtain one, through the use of exchanges or even a physical hardware wallet.


One of the easiest ways a beginner can set up a wallet is through the popular exchange app, Coinbase. Coinbase allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as transfer funds to other wallets.

So, What Is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, which simply means that it isn’t governed by any central authority and is immune to government interference.


And before you ask, yes, it is legal in the UK, the US, Japan, and other countries. If it’s not yet legal in your country, it will be soon.


Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency gaining popularity. Other coins, such as Ethereum and Ripple, have reached mainstream popularity.


The majority of these cryptocurrencies are built on a technology known as blockchain.

blockchain technology concept cryptocurrency
Blockchain Technology Concept Image

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is kind of hard to explain without going down a deep rabbit hole, but in its most basic form, it is a digital ledger of secure transactions. It is the primary technology that made Bitcoin and most altcoins (meaning, all cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin) possible. 


It’s a complicated technology that deserves an entirely separate blog post, but here’s the Coles Notes version:


It’s a structure for storing transaction information (more commonly known as a block). These transactions are stored in several databases within a network of P2P (peer-to-peer) nodes. 


Every transaction made is authorized by the owner’s digital signature, which safeguards it from any tampering and makes all of the information within the ledger completely secure.


If this is a bit confusing, imagine a Google spreadsheet that’s been shared to multiple computers within a network that stores transactional records for actual purchases. Anybody can see the data, but they cannot interfere with any of it.

Final Thoughts

The future of cryptocurrency is here, and we encourage everyone to be a part of it (not just because we’re Geeks). There are many benefits to using cryptocurrency, such as lower transaction fees and better identity protection. 

Pay with crypto and save 5%. Not a customer yet? Learn about our services.
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