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Unlock the full potential of your blockchain platform with targeted SEO strategies.

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Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategies with Blockchain SEO

Blockchain technology is hot and in high demand, so how do you stand out? As the industry grows, so does the need for effective digital marketing strategies that ensure your site gets the visibility it needs to beat out the growing competition. 


Hence the need for search engine optimisation for blockchain technology.


Blockchain SEO is a specialised digital marketing strategy designed to help crypto and blockchain companies attract a targeted audience and nurture qualified leads.

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Geeky Tech's Blockchain & Crypto SEO Services

Our blockchain SEO agency specialises in digital marketing tactics that support business growth, and our award-winning services have launched brands from across the technological spectrum to soaring heights. Using proprietary optimization tools, we will significantly boost your online presence and drive qualified leads to your blockchain solution. 

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Why SEO is Crucial for Your Blockchain Business

By investing in SEO, your team can enhance the company’s online presence, attract the right audience, and establish yourself as a trusted leader in this growing and exciting industry. 


Unlike advertising, which provides a powerful and immediate boost in targeted traffic, SEO builds on itself to generate more organic traffic the more pages you create. In our opinion, both marketing channels are going to help your blockchain project reach maximum online visibility, but only SEO can do it sustainably.    


Investing in SEO is investing in your company’s potential for infinite growth. Because we lay so much groundwork at the outset to establish your brand’s online presence and to rank for keywords with increasing difficulty, SEO is the digital marketing channel that sets you up for long-term success within the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Case Study

Meet Everledger. 


Everledger specialises in provenance within the diamond, wine, and art industries, and utilises secure technologies, like blockchain, AI, and IoT. A strategic $10k SEO investment fueled Everledger’s 163% goal completion surge in just five months.

The Challenge

Our Solution

The Results

In just five months, we helped this blockchain company soar to page one for relevant search terms that they’re still ranking for today! 

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Work with Geeky Tech

Geeky Tech is an international team of geeks who love all things technology. We live across the globe (four continents and counting!) but have mastered the art of online collaboration.

Over the years, we’ve consistently helped companies outrank their competitors, exceed marketing forecasts, and achieve sales projections. Our B2B SEO strategies are honed through years of rigorous testing, trial and error, and relentless dedication.


And, perhaps best of all, we accept cryptocurrency.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Blockchain

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

It depends on quite a few factors, like how your site compares to other sites within the blockchain or crypto industry, and how much SEO budget you have to work with.
But most importantly, it depends on how competitive your keywords are. The tougher the competition, the longer it takes to see the fruits of your optimization practices. We like to tell our clients that you can start seeing results in as little as one month, but the real magic starts to happen at around month six. That’s when we’ve seen the biggest spikes in organic traffic.

What makes blockchain SEO different from traditional SEO?

Generally speaking there’s no major difference, but blockchain SEO accounts for the unique aspects of the blockchain industry.

What does that mean, exactly? For example, this includes focusing on niche-specific content, building trust and authority, navigating evolving (and often complicated) regulatory considerations, engaging with the growing blockchain community, staying updated with technological achievements, addressing high competition, emphasising security and transparency, and catering to both local and global audiences.

By tailoring SEO strategies to these unique needs, your team can effectively improve your online presence, attract the right audience, and drive growth in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.

How can blockchain businesses benefit from blockchain and cryptocurrency SEO?

Your blockchain brand and website can significantly benefit from SEO by enhancing your online visibility, attracting targeted traffic, and establishing your name as an authority in an industry that is still emerging and still wrapped in a veil of mystery. 

Here are some key benefits and ways SEO can help:

  • Increased online visibility, search rankings, and ultimately better blockchain brand awareness
  • Targeted traffic
  • Building authority and trust
  • Educational outreach
  • Competitive edge
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Local SEO for blockchain events
  • Performance tracking and improvement
Will web3 impact your SEO activities?

Thanks to decentralisation and blockchain technology, web3 is reshaping the digital world around us. How will that affect marketing efforts and SEO techniques?

Welp, blockchain technology does have the potential to fundamentally alter the search engine industry with decentralised search engines. Web3 search engines would be more transparent and users would better understand how search results are generated. Not only that, but users would have greater privacy and control over their personal data.

But we’re still in early stages. While the groundwork is being laid and some initial projects are already in operation, the full potential of decentralised search engines disrupting the traditional search engine industry is still a future prospect.

We’re still far from the technological, social, and regulatory developments we need before these types of search engines can become mainstream and challenge the likes of Google and Bing.
But, like you, we’re excited to see what happens to SEO practices in the next few years. We’ve got our eyes pinned to the blockchain and crypto horizon and we’re confident that we’ll be one of the first in line to adopt newer strategies when they promise a higher ROI to our clients than traditional SEO.