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Whether your company is a leader in renewable energy or a provider of game-changing B2B SaaS technology, your marketing strategy is all about showing your target audience that your brand can solve their problems better, faster, and at a higher value than your competitors.
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That statement is true for every company under the sun, so what makes world-changing tech companies different? Why are we saying that it’s even more critical for companies like yours to have a solid SEO strategy?


If the answer ‘because you can’t afford not to’ isn’t good enough, keep reading to find out why especially life-saving, world-changing technology brands need to make sure their A-game is on point.


(FYI, if you’re not sure what we mean by world-changing technology, this is who we’re talking about.)

At the End of the Day, You’re a Business First

So, let’s say your company invented a machine that can save all the endangered species on the planet whilst restoring potable water to the poorest villages in the world. You guys are feeling pretty good about yourselves and you just know deep in your hearts that your machine is about to make the world a better place.


But you still won’t sell a single unit if no one knows it exists. So, even though your product brings tons of benefit to society, you’re still running a business at the end of the day, and that requires marketing.


Some of us tend to think that wholesome, do-good companies should rely on grassroots marketing to sell their product, but unless you’re running a brick-and-mortar operation, exposure (and sales) relies on top rankings for search results that are relevant to your product. The right SEO strategy will position you as the leader in your industry and provide ongoing and long-lasting results. 

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SEO Helps You Carve Out Your Niche

Being a world-changing tech company doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re re-inventing the wheel, but there may not be many (or any) search queries that best match your product or service…yet.


This is where SEO gets interesting. On the one hand, you don’t want to waste your time trying to rank for something that no one is searching for. And on the other hand, you want to be positioned as the number one (and maybe the only) relevant search result when that keyword eventually does start getting hits.


So, in order to rank for a keyword that doesn’t quite exist yet, you need to work with an intelligent marketing agency that can help you first educate your target audience that they have a problem that only you can fix.


For example, when District Technologies first went to market, no one was really searching for ‘workplace platform’. We helped position District as the leader in its niche using a keyword strategy that increased its visibility and raised awareness of its offering.

Find out how we boosted District Technologies’s organic traffic by 443% in just 12 months!

SEO Is Your Route to Credibility

The internet is bursting with scam artists that have invented some pretty creative ways to exploit people’s good will. Search engine optimisation engenders trust through content, backlinks, SERP rankings, and—to some extent—user experience. 


Anyone can advertise their product or service and make it to page one of Google. But to organically rank on a search engine takes months of optimising your web pages and receiving backlinks from other trustworthy sites. 


Your content also demonstrates your knowledge and experience and deepens your customer’s trust in your brand’s authenticity and quality.

Your Competitors Are Already Outranking You

Why should you take your organic search efforts seriously? Because your competitors—even those whose products aren’t as good or whose ethical standards aren’t as high—are at this very moment working on an SEO strategy to outrank you. 


It doesn’t matter if your niche is B2B or B2C—SEO isn’t a ‘nice to have’ marketing strategy. If you’re buying, selling, and marketing online, it’s a given that your customers are searching for your products or services on a search engine. How much traffic at this very moment is diverted to another brand simply because they’re already using the keywords that you could be ranking for.


SEO is a fundamental part of marketing your world-changing brand online because its only job is to make you stand out to the right audience, which is more than half the battle.

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The World Needs You

Fundamentally, we want to support companies that give a damn about our planet, but we can’t do that if we don’t know you’re there. More and more consumers are choosing ethical brands and factoring things like environmental impact, sustainability, and social justice when choosing products. 




Because many (not all) of us are turning to conscious capitalism, and if your brand’s mission is to make the world a better place, your customers not only need you, they want you. 


And SEO can lead them right to you.

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