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If you’ve been stalking us on Instagram (like we hope you have), you may have seen our announcement about our December giveaway contest. Every Friday, we’re giving away an organic cotton hoodie to one lucky winner—and by the way, if you want to win one too, head over to our IG page @geekytechgeeks to find out how. 


The giveaway contest is open to customers and the public alike, and the magic winner can exchange their voucher for the swag of their choice (not just the hoodie pictured).

swag shop

Why Does Geeky Tech Have a Swag Shop?

But let’s be real: we’re a digital marketing agency. We’re not really in the business of setting trends with our super soft, super cozy, and super sustainable merchandise. And even though the world would be a better place if everyone was dressed fresh to death in our swag, that’s not why we have it.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: branded merchandise is a great marketing tool. If you can put your logo on a high-quality product and get your customers to wear and share it, you’ve essentially set yourself up with a free advertising channel. 


Plus, your customers walk away with a free gift. Everybody wins!

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Shop Past & Present

Last Christmas, we sent Geeky Tech customers vouchers that they could exchange for anything in our shop. We sold a wide range of merch—from skateboards to laptop sleeves to hoodie dresses.


It was more successful than we thought it would be. Some of our customers showed up to video calls wearing our swag. We often received pictures of them sporting our beanies on mountain hikes or toting our backpacks on international flights.

Helping the Homeless

As we mentioned in our post, How the Geeks Helped the Homeless, we filled and set aside a homeless essential pack every time one of our customers traded in their voucher.


This year, every time a customer trades in their points for Geeky Tech merchandise, we’re setting aside the same product (or something of similar value) to fill more homeless essential packs

Nicole Christian and Alan handing out bags

What’s With the Points?

Like we said, we don’t really want to focus our efforts on selling hoodies and beanies. Converting our prices to points ensures that non-customers can’t stumble upon our site and just start buying up the shop.

How Do I Get MY Swag?

If you’re a customer, you can collect points by leaving a review on sites like G2 and Clutch or by recommending one of our Geeks on LinkedIn. If you’re not a customer, be the first to know about our swag giveaways by following us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Recommend a Geek on LinkedIn

250 points

Leave a Google My Business review 

250 points

Leave us a G2 review 

250 points 

Leave us a Clutch review 

500 points (Can take 15 mins)

Happy shopping, everyone!

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