How the Geeks Gave The London Acorn School an A+ in Visibility

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How the Geeks Gave The London Acorn School an A+ in Visibility

Last year, the pandemic hit people, businesses, and families in various ways, and The London Acorn School was no exception. If you’ve ever seen the school or read about its alternative education program, you’d know how devastating it would be to lose this absolute gem of an institution.


That’s why we were determined to help in any way we could. 

How the Geeks Gave The London Acorn School an A+ in Visibility

About the London Acorn School

When we say that this school is special, we really mean it. The whole idea behind this alternative school came about when a group of like-minded parents got together and decided to establish a learning institution that better aligned with their beliefs.


Their vision couldn’t be realized in a more perfect way.


The London Acorn School is situated in a cozy cottage on 125 acres of gorgeous National Trust parkland, complete with labyrinthine streams and wildlife—where students are encouraged to explore and appreciate the nourishing power of nature. 

We gave the London Acorn School their own IT department

The school welcomes students from ages 3.5 to 11, and combines a Steiner, Montessori and forest school approaches, along with mainstream education. Classes are small and unhurried to encourage students to enjoy learning at their own pace. 


Things you might expect to see at the London Acorn School are yoga classes, a woodwork club, free play at Morden Hall Park, and handicrafts. 


It’s the school that everyone wishes they went to as a kid, which is why we were more than happy to donate our SEO services. 

London Acorn School grounds

The School’s Humble Web Beginnings

The school’s website was pieced together by the parents who, understandably, weren’t really aware about SEO and how organic traffic could actually help increase the school’s visibility and boost its admissions rates. The site also failed to capture the essence of the school’s magic, which was its biggest selling point.


Since we knew a thing or two about ranking websites, we decided to put our expertise to good use by building them a brand-new site.

How the Geeks Helped with SEO

Capturing the school’s essence was one thing, but we were also on a mission to improve its rankings, increase its visibility, and get more students behind desks. We helped the school find the right audience by ranking them for keywords like ‘alternative school London’, ‘no-tech/low-tech school’ and ‘progressive school’. Our web design and SEO efforts paid off.  We more than doubled their organic traffic. Traffic started pouring in and the admissions rates at The London Acorn School were higher than ever before. But then Covid hit.
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What Happened During the Pandemic

Like all businesses, the school struggled, especially since so many people moved out of London. Its admission rates had been reduced and it wasn’t bringing in new interest fast enough. Even though the site was receiving a steady flow of organic traffic, the pandemic called for more immediate results.


The school needed a burst of targeted traffic to expand its reach and increase its brand visibility. 

We knew with just a little push, we could help the school out of its tough spot, so we launched a successful ad campaign on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


In no time, the admission rates were up, and we are happy to say that the school has more students than ever before.  

Stay tuned to find out what happened when we paid the students a surprise visit!


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