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Ben and Alan with TLAS students

Last month, we released a feel-good post about how the Geeks helped the London Acorn School with our SEO and paid media services. 


To remind some of our more forgetful readers, the London Acorn School is a fairy tale school located on 125 acres of National Trust parkland. The school uses a combination of teaching styles and philosophies that are designed to help students learn at their own pace and foster a strong love of nature. 


Excuse us while we swoon. 

In case you missed it, here’s what we did:

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Ben and Alan setting up IT department

The New IT Department

At the risk of sounding like obsessed fans, we felt like we could do more to help the school out. So, we decided to take our stanhood to a whole new level by donating a set of like-new computers to the wide-eyed students. 


The school itself is very careful about how much screen exposure its students receive, and all technology-related activities are reserved for older children. We totally get it, and although we spend all day in front of our computers like the Geeks that we are, many of us would much rather be wandering through the forest and doing handicrafts (at least I would). 


Now that the students have their own IT department, we can’t wait to see what wonderful things the next generation of Geeks will get up to!


Take a look at our video to see the absolutely adorable look on the students’ faces as Ben and Alan help them unpack their new gear.

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