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Geeky Tech Highlights

It’s been a big year for Geeky Tech. Our company has officially gotten over the worst of our growing pains. Over the past 12 months, we’ve cultivated a strong sense of who we are, who we represent, and who we want to work with. 


As such, trimming the fat and restructuring our organisation to better reflect our company’s objectives has been a bit of a mission, but we’re finally seeing the results of our efforts. 


In the interest of giving ourselves a proud pat on the back, let’s take a brief tour of the last year to see how we’ve grown and evolved.

Geeky Tech Highlights

Working From Home During the Pandemic

It’d be weird to talk about the past year without at least mentioning our best friend, Covid. As a remote team, we’ve been fortunate enough to continue working throughout the pandemic without worrying about job security or even leaving our homes, for that matter.


It’s been weird seeing so many of our friends and relatives experience the full effects of this virus whilst everything on our end is status quo, and we feel quite lucky and grateful to be working in such a flexible environment.

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We Expanded Our Team

We went from small to a little less small this year. We added four new team members to our roster, all of whom bring their unique talents and experience to their positions. With their help, we’ve been able to fine-tune our SEO and paid media services. 


To learn more about us, meet our team.

We Gave Our Site and Social Media Accounts a Facelift

Yes, we can’t stop talking about our new look…mainly because we love it so much! If you haven’t had a chance to look around our new site (first of all, what’s taking you so long?), don’t forget to check it out and to follow us on InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook.

We Rearranged Our Services

We said our goodbyes to our web design and management services this year. Not because we didn’t enjoy creating beautiful and functional websites for our clients but because we want to focus our efforts on what we do best: SEO and paid advertising. 

Our Families Grew

And finally, there were some serious wins on the personal front. A few of our Geeks welcomed new babies this year! 


Congratulations to Mikey, Alan, and Chloe for their beautiful little bundles. 

What Does 2022 Look Like for Geeky Tech?

Besides taking over the world, we will continue to offer our SEO and paid media services to world-changing tech companies. We’ll be producing a lot more content to help tech marketers understand how to improve their digital marketing strategies.


Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming podcast release.


Until then, the Geeky Tech team wishes all our clients, friends, and families a warm, safe, and Happy New Year!

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