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It’s been almost four years now since I left the UK for Turkey and learned a new culture and way of life. As the years went by, my partner tried many jobs working many hours six days a week for very little money. We decided we needed to do something if we wanted a real shot of making a good life for ourselves in Turkey.


After many discussions with family, friends, and other farmers, we came up with the idea of building a chicken farm to sell free-range eggs. We knew a profitable egg business would require more than raising healthy chickens and so, before putting the idea into practice, we had to put in the ground work.

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Eggcited to Get Started

We made many connections with supermarkets and shop owners to get a rough idea of the demand in the market. Our customer base was mainly borne out one-to-one meetings with supermarket owners, which then grew to word-of-mouth and advertising across Facebook.

What started out as a dozen eggs for our family and friends turned into selling to large supermarkets.


Everything began to make sense. And thanks to the growing awareness of the health benefits of eating pasture-raised eggs, the demand in the area was high. So, all we needed to do next was build it and get started.

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Building our Egg Business

We began building on our own land in a closeby village in Turkey. A couple of months later, we were all set up with over 500 chickens laying approximately 400 eggs a day. Our web designer, Patricia, kindly designed a logo for us to use for all our marketing. You can see from the photo, we even put the logo on the back of our minivan! After realizing that customers and supermarkets were willing to pay for our eggs, we started to calculate our costs and income and to look at areas where we could sell more eggs to boost our profits. It became apparent that we didn’t have enough eggs to meet the growing demand! We decided to expand and build another chicken farm with two other business investors and split the profits three ways. This time, we would go even bigger on new land with over 1,500 chickens that would lay approximately 1,200 eggs per day!
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How We Take Care of Our Chickens

To produce quality eggs, we feed our hens a varied diet of commercial chicken feed, greens, bugs, and the occasional dairy product (such as milk) to strengthen the eggs’ shells.


To be productive, we ensure our hens have a cozy place to call home with plenty of garden space to run free and munch on greenery. Their coop is filled with egg-catching nesting hay, a roost for sleeping, plenty of fresh water, and just the right amount of light and warmth to trigger egg production.


To this day, our chicken farms are proving to be successful, and we hope to expand in the future.

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