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We’ll be the first to tell you that every digital marketing agency has a different relationship with its customers. Some agencies are happy to take complete ownership and responsibility of a client’s SEO with very little involvement. Other agencies, like Geeky Tech, prefer to see it as a collaborative effort, which keeps our clients involved in the process, and which in turn, empowers them to make smarter marketing choices.


If your digital marketing agency treats you more like a partner than a customer, then you might be asking yourself if there’s something your team can do to help speed up your results and achieve higher rankings faster. No one knows your business and your industry like you do, so your input and insight are invaluable. 


Helping your agency speed up your SEO campaign results is often just as easy as keeping them in the loop. Here’s what you can do:

Check that ALL Your Social Accounts & Profiles Are Optimised

Sending Google the right signals with high-quality backlinks will improve your site authority, which is one of the basic principles of search engine optimisation.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, feel free to check out our post about off-page SEO

For now, let’s just say that when your site is mentioned or receives a link by another high-quality, industry-related site, Google will reward you with higher rankings (there’s more involved in this process, so feel free to head on over to that blog post to learn more).

If you’re working with a company like Geeky Tech, your social media accounts and industry-related profiles are already being optimised. But like we said, if you can think of any other online social accounts that are specific to your industry and that your agency may have missed when setting up your profiles, let them know.

Review Your Directory Listings

Are you listed everywhere that counts? Your agency should have already set up your directory listings on all the major sites, such as Google My Business and YP.com. But as a representative of your industry, you know where your customers and other industry professionals are looking for business contacts. 


If your company isn’t listed on one of these niche directories or your listing isn’t optimised, be sure to let your agency know!

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Send Out Press Releases

If your business is launching a new product or service, the world should know. Anything newsworthy that happens in your organisation—a feature in a magazine, an interview, a new product release—can be used in a press release. 


Not only do PRs create company buzz (depending on where they’re syndicated), but they’re also an easy way to get backlinks. 


With that said, if something new and exciting is happening on your end, make sure your agency and PR firm knows about it.

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Take Advantage of Supplier & Partner Relationships

If you have a strong relationship with your partners or suppliers, you may be sitting on an untapped backlink supply. 


That is to say, it never hurts to ask your partners and/or suppliers for a link from their website. If you’re proud to work with them and don’t mind showcasing their logo on your website, you could also add their link to their website to give them extra SEO juice in return. 

Get Mentions from Industry Events

Is your team attending or participating in an industry event, conference, or webinar? Why not ask for links and mentions from the organiser? The more links the better, and if your company is receiving recognition from others in your industry, you’ll improve your site authority and off-page SEO.

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Obtain Industry Accreditations

Building your domain authority is all about trust signals. A trust signal is anything on your website or social profile that gives your company credibility and puts your customers at ease when dealing with your business. For example, American businesses proudly display their Better Business Bureau (or BBB) badges on their sites to show that their company meets a certain standard of professionalism and customer service.


When you showcase your industry accreditations, you’re telling your readers that your services are recognised and approved by a trusted brand. 


No accreditation is too minor. If your company has a badge, certificate, or any other recognized accreditation, be sure to add it to your web pages.

Putting Your Name Out There

Excuse us for sounding a little old school, but there’s still a lot to be said about old-fashioned networking. We’re talking about handshakes. We’re talking about phone calls. We’re talking about emails. If the whole point of SEO is to become more visible to your target audience, then the most obvious way to increase your visibility is to start reaching out to people and asking them to take a look at your content. 


Start with compiling a list of contacts. When you release a blog or make a company announcement, you’ll have a built-in audience of interested readers who may just leave a review or share your post.

A Little Goes a Long Way

As you’ve probably determined already, none of these moves are particularly difficult or shocking, and your agency has most likely covered everything. But as the industry expert, you can help speed up your SEO efforts by steering your agency in the right direction and keeping them in the loop.

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