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A Case Study in SEO and Migration

2450% More Page One Rankings in 12 months

“We’re now generating leads through our website, which is fantastic for us. We’ve moved up in the rankings on Google. We’re hitting a helluva lot more first-page results than we did before, which is all fantastic and what we wanted.”

Ollie Turner
Ollie Turner

Purchasing Manager, Lyon Managed services

DotOnes Ranking Results Over 12 Months

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The Results

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Who Is DotOnes?

DotOnes offers managed IT support solutions in the United Kingdom. Its comprehensive list of support services includes helpdesk, cloud, maintenance, security, monitoring, and connectivity.


We applied our tried-and-tested SEO techniques, and within just 12 months we achieved these amazing results.

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Why DotOnes Partnered With Us

Before meeting the team at Geeky Tech, DotOnes concentrated on growing its business through company acquisitions. As such, it had spent very little time on optimising its website, which was essentially acting as a shopfront. But Google wasn’t ranking the site, which means it wasn’t attracting any traffic or leads.


The team at DotOnes realised that it was missing out on a huge opportunity to use its backlinks from its other sites to drive traffic and get new paying customers. They didn’t realise that backlinking was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to site optimisation. Instead, they were doing a blanket 301 of all their newly acquired pages, which made them lose the pages’ existing SEO.


Before rebranding to Lyon Managed Solutions, DotOnes wanted an SEO agency that specialised in IT and tech businesses to help it get the most out of its website. It also needed help merging its website into two other websites that it acquired along the way in order to keep its SEO ‘juices’ flowing—in other words, it needed an SEO migration. 

The Geeky Approach

All of our clients are taken through a step-by-step process that starts with laying the foundations for keyword strategy and ends with solidifying domain authority. 


Here’s an example of what we did and how we did it:

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Technical SEO & UX
Backlink Strategy
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