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Geeky Tech is more than an SEO agency; it’s where top-tier SEO expertise meets technological geekihood. We’re the champions of digital excellence, carving a path in the ever-evolving world of digital optimisation. Born from a group of passionate freelancers, we’ve seamlessly integrated the freedom and adaptability of remote work into our agency’s foundation. 


This approach has allowed us to bring together a global team of diverse SEO professionals, all dedicated to delivering unparalleled results for our clients—anytime, anywhere. With a focus on strategy, technical optimisation, and off-page optimisation, we continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.

Job Overview:

We seek an experienced technical SEO worker to join our dynamic team at Geeky Tech. The successful candidate will become the customer-facing Geek of the Technical Team whose collective responsibility is implementing the following:

The role involves running quality assurance on the rest of the technical work and supporting the other technical SEOs in their roles. Some of the work types (initial audits, conversion tracking & migrations)  involve customer calls to explain the work we’ve carried out and what the next steps are, you will be running these calls and then passing the next steps onto the rest of the team.


Experience in the following is beneficial but not required.

You will be managed by a head of department, and the whole team has daily calls to discuss progress and troubleshoot where required. We need someone who works well as a team and is happy to learn new systems and problem-solve when required.


In the longer term, improvement to the existing services and/or creation of new areas would be part of the remit, but not your sole responsibility.


Please note that while experience in the above areas is highly desirable, we value a can-do attitude and willingness to learn.

Reporting & Team Structure:

As a Lead Technical SEO, you’ll work hand-in-hand with a dedicated team of SEO professionals and report directly to our head of Technical SEO.

Life at Geeky Tech:

At Geeky Tech, life is a digital tapestry woven from threads of innovation, passion, and collaboration. It’s a place where SEO expertise meets the exuberance of a dynamic team ready to redefine industry norms.



We blend the dynamism of the digital world with the flexibility of remote working, allowing our team to combine home comforts with exciting global ventures. We pride ourselves on continuous learning, always staying ahead in the ever-shifting SEO landscape. Though spread across the globe, we function as a tight-knit family, fostering unity through regular virtual interactions. Our commitment extends beyond work; we prioritise balance, flexible hours, and overall well-being. Innovation pulses at our core, with each week bringing fresh insights and transformative concepts. And at the heart of it all, we ensure every achievement and milestone is acknowledged and celebrated to fuel growth and ambition.



Stepping into Geeky Tech isn’t just about joining a company; it’s about becoming a part of a forward-thinking community whose mission is to leave an indelible mark in the digital cosmos. If you’re ready to dive into an environment that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions, Geeky Tech is your next adventure. 

Check out the X-mas ’22 party for a little teaser of life as a Geek: https://youtu.be/GFHZpqjUaUA

How to Apply

Eager to be a part of a transformative journey? We can’t wait to hear from you.

Our Geeky Tech team, a B2B SEO Agency, taking time out of work to complete charity work in London
Two members of our Tech Company SEO team, Mark and Alan
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