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Why Follow Our Content Brief Example

All Our Briefs Are SEO Ready

When we say SEO ready, we mean that the brief is designed around a specific keyword—in this case, the moon. We’ll show you how to enhance your content’s visibility by incorporating best practices, supporting keywords, and internal links to boost your search engine rankings for queries about the moon.

All Our Briefs Include On-Page SEO Best Practices

There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to keyword placement and page structure, so we’ve added a cheat sheet to show how to format a page, as well as a suggested outline to get started.

All Our Briefs Show You How to Build On Competitor Success

We’ve scanned the web to find the biggest competition for this particular keyword. In this example, “the moon” has a lot of competition, so we’ve added a list of the most competitive pages that “NASA’s” writers can analyse (or reverse-engineer) to create better pages.

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