Digital Outreach & Partnership Lead

Key Details

About Geeky Tech

At Geeky Tech, we specialize in delivering top-tier SEO solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our team thrives on innovation, collaboration, and staying ahead of industry trends. 


We’re on the hunt for a Digital Outreach & Partnership Lead. This role embodies the essence of strategic LinkedIn outreach and building genuine relationships in the digital realm, ultimately positioning Geeky Tech as the go-to solution for potential clients.

Key Responsibilities

LinkedIn Outreach:

Targeted Outreach:

Manage Video Critique Process:

CRM Maintenance:

Reporting & Analytics:

Sales Support:

Active Participation in Discovery Calls:

Coordination for Review Walkthrough Calls:

Post-call Follow-up:

Continuous Sales Admin Support:


Tiered Commission Based on Quarterly Customer Assistance:

The commission a LinkedIn Sales & Outreach Specialist earns is based on the number of customers they assist with that result in a successful sale. The commission is calculated from the first month’s setup cost for each client.

Commission Tiers:


Payment Timing:

Commissions earned in one quarter will be paid out in the following month of the next quarter to allow for accurate tracking, accounting reconciliation, and any potential client payment issues.

Tracking and Reporting:

A transparent system should be in place for the specialist to track the deals they’ve supported and the resulting commissions.

Regular updates or statements will be provided to detail their earned commissions, ensuring clarity and transparency.

Life at Geeky Tech:

At Geeky Tech, life is a digital tapestry woven from threads of innovation, passion, and collaboration. It’s a place where SEO expertise meets the exuberance of a dynamic team ready to redefine industry norms.


We blend the dynamism of the digital world with the flexibility of remote working, allowing our team to combine home comforts with exciting global ventures. We pride ourselves on continuous learning, always staying ahead in the ever-shifting SEO landscape. Though spead across the globe, we function as a tight-knit family, fostering unity through regular virtual interactions. Our commitment extends beyond work; we prioritise balance, flexible hours, and overall well-being. Innovation pulses at our core, with each week bringing fresh insights and transformative concepts. And at the heart of it all, we ensure every achievement and milestone is acknowledged and celebrated to fuel growth and ambition.


Stepping into Geeky Tech isn’t just about joining a company; it’s about becoming a part of a forward-thinking community whose mission is to leave an indelible mark in the digital cosmos. If you’re ready to dive into an environment that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions, Geeky Tech is your next adventure. 

Check out the X-mas ’22 party for a little teaser of life as a Geek:

How to Apply

Eager to be a part of a transformative journey? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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