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There are customers out there looking for your services, and we’re the Geeks to help your business capture their attention.

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We don’t believe in spam marketing – it just doesn’t work. We know that the best way to gain customers is by helping them to find you on their own, which is exactly what we do!

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Through in-depth SEO and organic search, our tech marketing agency pushes your business up the ranks of Google and shines the spotlight on your website, bringing the leads you want directly to you.

Marketing Agency for Technology Companies

If you’re a marketing agency with a tech client, don’t feel left out! Our team are always happy to share their knowledge, so we can help you to help your clients. It’s all about teamwork, right?

There are a ton of technology marketing companies out there, so what makes us think we’re any better?

Long-lasting Partnerships

As a b2b technology marketing agency, we love to make long-term partnerships with our clients. Sure we could design you an awesome website, get you a good spot on Google, and leave you to get on with it, but we know we can do better than that.

Instead, our marketing tech team will continue to work alongside you until you smash every goal you’ve got – and after that, we’ll help you create new goals to keep your business growing. We’ll constantly be reviewing your progress, improving on what we’re currently doing, and updating our methods as algorithms and ideas change so you never stop growing. Once we’ve started, the leads won’t stop!

Experts in Search

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Every member of our marketing agency for technology companies is an expert in search. From the people writing your taglines to the ones designing your fonts, every single one knows everything there is to know about how to get your company ranking in Google.

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This keeps all of our creative work in sync with the technical marketing, so every aspect of your business is optimized to bring you the right leads and increase your conversions.

Small but Powerful

We believe a good team of tech marketers should be small, and that’s why we’re so powerful.

The Technology Marketing Services team at Geeky Tech huddled for a group photo at a recent SEO team meeting.

Our team of Geeks all know each other well and work alongside each other in perfect harmony, bringing together each of their specialized skills to create something epic for your tech company. Even if we’re spread across the world, our passion to grow your business makes us more connected than an office full of thousands of employees.

By keeping our team small, it also means you get to know each and every one of us. You’ll have the same people working on your design, your content, and your analytics throughout your time with us, and you’ll know the people that you’re talking to. This helps everyone build a strong connection and understanding with one another, so our team works perfectly with yours.

If you’ve got a tech business that you think will change the world, we’re the team to stand with you – and we’ll be right by your side every step of the way. So, how about it?

Technology Marketing Services


We provide a full range of technology services that we’ve refined over the years to bring you the right clients. Our Geeks will sit down with you and analyze what you’re already doing, your aims, and what we need to do to help you reach them. Then we’ll find the right technologies and services to suit you.


Our marketing technology agency service begin with planning and designing your site, before our creative design experts turn your ideas into a fully-functioning website that shows exactly who you are and exactly what your clients want.  We’ll then carry out a ton of testing to make sure everything’s working like clockwork and our SEO methods are doing just what they should be, before launching your new site into the world wide web. It’s take off time!


After this, we’ll stick by you, carrying out regular maintenance and updates so you don’t have to worry about them. Our small but super team will keep in touch with yours to make sure we’re always on the same page and we’re doing the work you want.  Our methods aren’t simple but that’s what makes them work, and we know they’ll get your business where it needs to be.

What are you ranking for?

Why Do You Need Our Help?

You need us!

You might be wondering why exactly you need marketing agencies to help you in the first place. We can’t answer for every team of tech marketers out there, but we can tell you why you need Geeky Tech.

Not so simple

Designing a website and optimizing your content may sound simple, but it really isn’t – not if you want to rank in Google, anyway! You need to be doing everything you can to make sure you’re ahead of your competitors, are using the right techniques for your target audience, and are doing everything in your power to convert the leads you get into paying customers.

A whole lot of expertise

Our team use a whole lot of expertise and powerful tools to make sure this happens – not to mention the hours we put into bringing it all together. It’s our full-time job for a reason!

Let us help

If you want to get on with what’s important to you in your business and focus on your passion, you need us to take all that other tech marketing stuff off your hands.

One of the Leading Technology Marketing Companies

Our Geeks use a lot of complex tools and software when constructing your plans and maintaining them, which need a bunch of training to understand. From link building to keyword research, we have the expertise and tools we need to make sure our work brings you the profit you want.

There’s a lot more to creating a digital business that actually works than you might think, which is exactly why you need our creative technology marketers on your side. If you think we’re the tech marketers who can help push your business to the next level, reach out and start chatting to our team today. We’re pretty friendly, so don’t be shy!