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How to disable related videos on YouTube embeds (No longer working)

Day to day we’re a technology marketing agency, but since we stumbled upon this YouTube related videos issue, we thought we should try and help.

TUTORIAL UPDATE (29/10/2018)

In this tutorial, we explained exactly how to disable/remove the “related video” thumbnail that popped up at the end of every embedded YouTube video. The old process involved clicking share on the video you wanted to embed and unchecking the option labelled ‘Show suggested videos when the video finished’. In doing this, that added a small parameter “rel=0” parameter to the URL you chose which would prevent the thumbnails from appearing at the end of your video.

However, Google recently released a new update to the way some of their embed code parameters work, and unfortunately, that means when you try to share it, the option to disable or remove these related videos has completely gone. Google believes that related videos are an essential part of their UI (user interface) and are now promoting the feature.


Even though you can no longer prevent or hide the related videos from appearing at the end of the video, you can still use it to your advantage! Now, if your URL parameter is still set as “rel=0”, it will show related videos from YOUR channel, instead of showing competitors. In one way this can promote your audience to continue watching more videos by you and the only requirement is that you have more than 1 video on your channel.

As of this update being posted, there is no way to hide this on YouTube anymore. If the new way of displaying these videos isn’t what you’re looking for, there are other options than just using YouTube to host your videos, some of them involve additional cost and can have some restrictions involved.

  • Vimeo is another popular video platform that offers a free account and one of our favourites, however at the end of your video, they will have a “staff picks” section which is similar to the YouTube related videos. You can upgrade to a Plus, PRO, or Business account and have the option to remove all of this however they will come with a cost that is billed annually.
  • Wistia is like Vimeo where it offers a free account, which has no thumbnails or pop-ups or branding involved but the catch is that you can only upload 3 videos. If you’re just starting out this is a good option but if you have a lot of videos or plan to create more in the future you need to upgrade to the paid account which can be costly, a PRO account can cost $99 a month for up to 10 videos (with the option to add more, for an extra 25 cents per month)
  • DailyMotion has been around for quite some time, it’s lesser known than the previous options however there are no limitation with a free account and you can upload as many videos as you want. The only downside is that in comparison to the other two options the website gets much less traffic, meaning you may have to rely heavily on your audience watching them on your website.


Embedding YouTube videos in your content is, undoubtedly, a good idea and a good SEO practise (see How SEO Works). Not only can it help to further illustrate what you’re trying to say, but it also makes your content more appealing to your audience. There’s no doubt that we’re a generation of video lovers! In fact, embedding videos in your landing pages has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80% – that’s a figure you definitely shouldn’t be ignoring.

What isn’t a good idea, however, is letting that video show related content. The last thing you probably want is to direct your readers away from you, but that’s in the hand of YouTube, right? Wrong.

Removing Related YouTube Videos (No longer working)

You can actually turn off the related video feature in YouTube embeds, putting the power back in your hands. It’s pretty important you do this if you want to keep your audience focused on what you’ve crafted rather than getting distracted by what YouTube wants them to watch.

Here at GeekyTech, we like to help you guys out whenever we can, which is why we’ve put together this guide so that you can easily disable related YouTube videos. Enjoy!

How to Stop Other Videos Appearing at the End of YouTube

If you’re embedding your content through the YouTube iFrame, the process is pretty simple. Firstly, find the video you want and click ‘Share’, which is usually beneath the video by the title.

Then, select ‘Embed’ rather than ‘Copy’. This’ll open up a new box on your screen with the code for the video you want to embed.

You’ll want to uncheck the box that reads ‘Show suggested videos when the video finished’. This should add ?rel=0 into the video code, which you can now use on your content platform to embed the video. Simple!

Get YouTube Related Videos Not Showing on WordPress

As the embed API of WordPress doesn’t currently recognize the use of ‘?rel=0’ code, you’re going to have to go down a different route.

If you’re using the WordPress Visual Composer, or WPBakery Page Builder as it’s also known, you’re going to want to add the widget for Video Player into your content. Then, add the video link to this and find the option that says ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes’ and uncheck.

What are you ranking for?

For the WordPress default editor, the method is going to be slightly different. Users who aren’t keen on the iFrame method or don’t usually use the Visual Composer can use this. You’ll have to install the WordPress plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-youtube-related-videos/ – that, once set-up, will automatically do everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Once you know what you’re doing, it’s not hard to hide Youtube related videos from your embedded content, and it’s well worth the small amount of effort you put in! You don’t want to direct your audience away from you – that would be totally counter-productive – so make sure you do take these actions to stop it from happening.

If you need any more help to block YouTube related videos from showing in your embedded content, get in touch with our team of geeks at Geeky Tech. We’re always happy to help!

*** If you’re moving domains, re-designing your site or both, then this SEO Migration Checklist will help you retain your current rankings – hope it comes in handy!

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  • Hi. Thanks for your info. I’ve just updated to the latest version of wordpress and then installed the hide related videos, but it doesn’t work. Tried clearing the cache, deactivating, reactivating several times. Refreshing the page . Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Maggie,

      I’m sorry to hear this didn’t work for you. As of recently YouTube has stopped allowing people to disable the related videos from appearing. We’ve updated the tutorial and are looking into other possibilities.

  • hi,

    any idea how to do it with shopify?


  • Steve Markman
    June 1, 2018 7:16 pm

    How do you get rid of related videos that are shown when clicking on an embedded video BEFORE pressing the PLAY button? In other words, it’s on a strip at the bottom of the freeze frame at the beginning as well as the end of the video.

  • No such checkbox exists – 3 of us tried following your (and others’) directions. In fact, the suggestions now appear in our other videos from when we unchecked that box. Any updates? Did YouTube stop this option?

    • Hi Jeff,

      As of recently YouTube has updated their use of parameters and no longer allows the function to turn off related videos from appearing. We’ve updated the tutorial with alternative options.

  • Thanks for your idea. I embedded the code on my webpage. While watching on the small screen on the webpage, it didn’t show other videos when my video ended. But if I choose to watch the video on YouTube by choosing the option “YouTube”, or “watch on YouTube.com”, then it shows other videos when my video ends even with the embed code. How do I stop this?

  • I have read every suggestion I can find on hiding related videos, and unchecked “Show related Videos” more time than I can count.
    Worked on this for 4 hours last night but the uncheck would never stick.
    Even adding ?rel=0 manually does not do it.
    https://youtu.be/EzQ16PLOvj8 is my video.
    What do I do now?

  • This doesn’t help if you want to insert a video into PowerPoint. There is no embed feature

  • Michelle Wheeler
    September 26, 2018 3:23 pm

    The default video player on WP Bakery doesn’t have those check boxes. What add-on are you using?

    This is the support message I got back from WP Bakery: “The video player element depicted in the tutorial here: https://www.geekytech.co.uk/remove-disable-related-videos-youtube-embed/ is not our standard element as our standard element does not have such check boxes. It is most likely added by one of the third party add-ons: https://wpbakery.com/addons/ which is having such options. Please do make sure to re-confirm the functionality with the respective add-on developer before making any purchase.”

  • Please see note from Youtube as of September 2018:

    Note: This parameter is changing on or after September 25, 2018.

    Prior to the change, this parameter indicates whether the player should show related videos when playback of the initial video ends.
    If the parameter’s value is set to 1, which is the default value, then the player does show related videos.
    If the parameter’s value is set to 0, then the player does not show related videos.
    After the change, you will not be able to disable related videos. Instead, if the rel parameter is set to 0, related videos will come from the same channel as the video that was just played.

  • As of today Oct 18 2018 rel=0 seems to have stopped working for not showing related YouTube videos in an app I have at http://www.smartsigndictionary.org . Do you know if YouTube changed something?

    • Hi Harley,

      We noticed the change in YouTube’s use of parameters now stops people from being able to disable the related videos from appearing. Now “rel=0” shows you videos from your own channel instead of competitors. We’ve updated the tutorial with some suggestions.

      • Hi Michael,
        Not sure if there has been a further change, but the related videos showing up are not from my channel. Have tried it taking code from my personal channel and my business channel.

      • It is no longer restricting related videos to your own channel. Unless there is something else required.


  • Hi,
    I tries to embed a new video yesterday. The option to show suggested videos (which I normally uncheck) no longer appears. Did YouTube remove this option or did I do something wrong?
    Thanks and I hope you might reply to my email so I am sure to see it. Thanks. JP

  • This no longer is an option. Is there a new way?

    • Hi Ian,

      Unfortunately as of today there is no new ways to disable the related videos from appearing at the end of your video. We’ve updated the tutorial with some suggestions and are currently looking into any other possible method.

      • Hey Michael,

        Thanks for the update to the tutorial. I hope enough people push back and Youtube will hear us. Not only does this potentially promote competitor content, but it can also pull up videos that I don’t want my audience to see.

        I tried adding the rel=”0″ but when I went to the end of the video, it’s still showing OTHER videos, not just mine.

        Is there a particular place I’m supposed to put that code? I put it like this:


        Thanks for the feedback.

        • HI Nate, try putting ?rel=0 right after the video identifier, no spaces or quotes around 0, except for the end quote at the end of the video link:


  • I have been trying to solve this problem for months- I have a website- so using Chrome may help me but not my visitors- What about Vimeo?? Does it have the same problem?

  • ?rel=0

  • I was able to hide this overlay by adding this to my CSS – November 2018.

    .ytp-pause-overlay-controls-hidden .ytp-pause-overlay {
    display: none;

    Good Luck!

  • Hi, rel=0 does not work anymore. And the hide related youtube videos plugin has been discontinued.

  • Hi Michael,

    The plugin you referenced is no longer available in the WP repository. This one – hide-youtube-related-videos. But thanks for trying anyway.

  • Thanks for keeping this updated! Big help. I appreciate it.

  • Put this in the embed string and it removes suggest videos on youtube. Tested as working 5/12/2018 showinfo=0&autoplay=1

  • Hi Michael , Many thanks for the blog post and the updated version. Was quick and easy to understand. Trying a couple of other embed players at the moment to see if this gets around the issue. Otherwise, I’m going to have to clean up my channel a bit 🙂 , Cheers Paul

  • It’s a sad day when apps like youtube take any control away from it’s users. What are they thinking and how hard can they screw themselves? Thanks mucho for giving us the scoop and the list of options. Unfortunately none work for me but oh well.

  • Thanks for the update.
    I just added ?rel=0&showinfo=0 immediately at the end of the URL inside the YouTube embed code & it worked a treat. It showed videos at the end of the video but all of the suggested videos were mine – brilliant.
    Now I need to go back a retrospectively add it to a few of my other blog videos now!
    Fab thanks

    • Thanks this works and I don’t have to add CSS.

    • That works! Now if I could just get the video centered! thanks

    • Yay! In June 2020, this still works! I have a video modal built into my theme and it allows only for a URL, it doesn’t play nice with the Page Builder widget mentioned in the article. So I tried adding this code to the end of the URLs and it still works! No more unprofessional video recommendations embedded on our very professional website. Whew. Only downside is, wish I could direct the recommendations to a specific playlist of our related videos. It’s pulling any video from our channel. Meanwhile I may look at a paid video hosting service, but YouTube has taken off as a lead gen channel. Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

    • this works in 2020 July…. much thank you!!!!

  • Can you please clarify what the actual correct code is?
    In the article you refer to something different each and every time, ie;

  • Well, then, hiding related video drom Youtube is now gone. I just try this and relize now after reading this.
    But the ‘?rel=0’ still works for smartphone (android up to this time).

  • Thanks for the updated info on &rel=0.
    Do you know a way to remove the Share button in the upper right hand corner of the new embed code?

  • I cannot see Google’s justification for this especially when they already have the End screen & Annotations option which we use on all our videos. BUT because we have a variety of videos (over 700 total) I have yet to notice any of our YT suggested channel videos relating to the played one. This just confuses viewers and is very counter productive. Google/YT take notice.

  • My related videos are NOT from my channel, I don’t know what to do, is anyone else experiencing this?

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    I’ll bookmark your weblog and take a look at once
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  • my first information from you I must say you are awesome. I thought it would much harder but seems a little straight forward. Also I was going to add emmet to my vscode but which emmet version are you using? There are like 8 different emmets and no actual just emmet extension

  • Brilliant thanks for sharing i already knew of Lppm video & my friend just showed me recently .These are really great as a giveaway’s in a feeder funnel . for related products that we may have to offer .there is a free idea for everyone reading .

  • Obviously YT’s real agenda here is to get people to click on suggested videos so they’ll be taken to the YT watch page and will also see ads. Part of The Evil Empire called Google. We’re moving to Wistia, you can customize your embeds far more than YT, and you can also include a link that can take viewers to any webpage such as a business’s Google Maps page.

  • Yep, no matter what we’ve tried we’ve not been able to disable more videos on our embeds. After many hours of looking around we found iPlayerHD, super-clean player, just $19-$29 per month, totally customizable, and allows you to insert a call-to-action link into your video. Also excellent customer service. If your goal is to get people to watch your video and take action, these are the right people.


  • Watching this post for an answer. I have a lot of embedded educational videos and don’t want suggested videos showing for viewers. Thanks for looking for solutions.

  • Thanks much for the update! I’ve been torching myself trying to figure out what happened. I’m seriously looking into a paid video platform just for videos on my site while continuing with YouTube for traffic, as another commenter stated that’s what he is doing. Budgeting for a paid platform will be the bigger issue.

  • Just tried this method with YouTube embedded code and it worked 🙂 !!
    Add ?rel=0 after the video URL in the code and this will remove the suggested ads.

    For example:

  • Google sucks. Just because they are one of the biggest companies in the world they think they can control everything it’s users do. This is BAD UX practice. What a bunch of @$$holes. I have a video I want to use as an intro video on my site. it’s to big to self-host and now instead of ending with my custom card it shows related videos – just so Google can make an extra buck! EFF them!

  • You the man!!! Thank you very much!

  • A couple of work arounds to try….
    1. Add a still image to the end of your video (such as an image saying ‘click on the order button below’) and have this still image playing for a few minutes.

    2. Try adding the video you want to embed to a playlist, then embed the playlist instead of the single video. You could have subtle variations of the same video in the playlist so it looks like it’s just playing the same video over and over.

    Below is copied from YouTubes website about embedding a playlist:
    Embed a playlist
    Sign in to your YouTube account on a computer.
    On the left side of the page, select the playlist you want to embed.
    Copy the playlist ID from the URL.
    Modify the embed code for an individual video by doing the following:
    In the place of the video ID (after “embed/”), substitute “videoseries?list=”.
    Then paste the playlist ID after the “=”.
    Paste the code into your blog or website HTML.

    3. I tried the suggestion to add showinfo=0&autoplay=1 from Keith Greywood on this post but that didn’t work for me. 🙁 I also tried every variation of all the codes I could find but no joy.

    Also… I noticed that it shows videos from my channel first, but then a whole bunch of anything afterwards, regardless of whether I put rel=0 or rel=1 or anything else. I could get it to only show videos from my channel.

    Hope this helps somebody. It does look pretty crap when a stupid video comes up next on the play on the recommend, and even worse if it an advert for your competitors product!!!

  • Hi, rel=0 does not work anymore. And the hide related youtube videos plugin has been discontinued.

  • A great solution is just to extend the last frame of your video for a couple of minutes or add an extension with appropriate comment inviting users to take action. Users will probably click away from the video before the replated content starts playing. There are also Chrome extensions that help to control some embed features although they won’t stop your own related content from finishing. You can see my website for an example.

  • “Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes which will make the greatest changes.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!”

  • hum didnt realised youtube removed this option! Nice to know there are some workaround tips 🙂

  • great ,

    any idea why , since march 2019 , the embed youtube playlist disappear after first title is played ?

    thx for the blog,

  • This is exactly what I’m looking for – a way to stop a random youtube video from queuing up after mine – especially when posting on LinkedIN. I want to try what youve suggested in your update to this post, but need a bit more direction please, as to where to put the rel=0 parameter. Thanks!

  • Any updates on how to avoid showing random videos at the end of a video I have embedded on Shopify? Thanks for any info.

  • I could live with related videos, my problem is they’re not the leat bit related. They look more like videos I’ve watched in the past. When I first embedded into wordpress PB module, it showed next videos, same subject. Now it shows non-related videos. Any ideas?

  • I tried your solution but it didn’t resolve the issue. I dig in some more and then i found out that i must clear cache too. Guess what? the problem was solved

  • We have started using Vimeo for our company videos due to this related videos issue. The suggested videos were not from our channel or remotely related, and I wouldn’t trust YouTube to not show related videos from our competitors to our customers. We’ve got the Pro edition which wasn’t too expensive but gives absolute control over how our videos show up and we can even restrict them to only play on our own domains. I absolutely love Vimeo compared to YouTube and no I don’t have any affiliation with Vimeo 🙂
    It’s an amazing product if you’re the one responsible for uploading company videos and their support for users is brilliant.

  • Like you, everyone is saying that “?rel=0” will tell Youtube to show only the other videos on my channel. That’s not happening. The other videos are NOT from my channel. They’re not even ones that I’ve watched. This is very frustrating because I really want a video on my construction page, but I can’t self-host with my construction page plugin, or even use Vimeo; the only option is YouTube.

  • Maurycy Hawranek
    July 30, 2019 8:59 am

    New free plug-in „Remove related videos in iframe YouTube” for WordPress with alternative zoom (fullscreen). Link for download.

  • Hi Geeky Tech team — Any updates on a better workaround for this issue? Thanks!

  • Used the information at this link and it works well

    • yes mebs not only does that information work, the author is nice enough to make it so simple allyou have to do is insert your youtube video id into his code and generate new code.

  • thanks so much for the info saved me countless hours of headache.

  • Thank you for keeping your content up to date! A true professional blog!

  • I could not get the rel=0 to work either, so I opted for the following:

    Which is working (except the loop), but then the iframe I was attempting to correct took the place of another iframe, and subsequently all iframes were bumped to the next. I quickly solved this new issue by putting back the removed iframe tags with a src=””.

    So what might be an issue for people not getting immediate results from adding the rel=0 is that their browser needs to have history deleted, and possibly close and reopen browser. Firefox took a bit for the new code to show, Chrome was a bit quicker.

    I also placed a link to the following below the object tags:
    BEGIN ~ Waving & Folding
    which successfully opens with a working related video scenario.

  • sad days , it’s not working anymore :((((

  • I wonder why it’s working for some people and not for others? Today I’ve tried adding ?rel=0 to several sample video embed URLs picked at random from YouTube, and it’s working fine on all of them for me. It only suggests videos from the same user’s channel in every case. Go figure…

  • Michael Douglas
    April 10, 2020 6:41 pm

    Thanks for updating your blog post as the technology changed. That saved me some time.

  • Kailash Joshi
    April 28, 2020 6:25 am

    i have not tried it but if somehow we can track the video is about to end remove the embedded video block and replace that with the video thumbnail and overlay one-button play again

  • YouTube itself no longer offers the option to hide the title and related videos.
    As far as I know there are two other ways:
    You can upload videos to google drive and then embed them, there are many tutorials on youtube that explain this well.
    There are also providers who can hide elements of the YouTube player completely. For example embed.gq or empoa.com

    I hope I could help a bit.

  • Sharon Schieber
    November 20, 2020 4:47 pm

    What about adding code after the embedded video code that would trigger a similarly sized black box to go over the top of the embedded video frame once the video has played to the end? There are times when showing related videos is INCREDIBLY tacky.

  • Worded for me thanks . Copy embed coded then add ?rel=0


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