Head of Topically Relevant Social Backlinks and PR Creation

Michael Parr

I’m responsible for optimising your website’s off-page authority by creating your press releases and various content.

Michael Parr

My Experience at Geeky Tech

I’m responsible for the creation of customers’ monthly topically relevant backlinks and press releases. I have a broad knowledge of digital marketing, which makes my work applicable to many different areas within the company. I do my best to be resourceful, and to accept and learn from my mistakes and to improve for next time.

I’m located in Durham, UK.

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

I’m passionate about cryptocurrency and the stock market, and I study both on a regular basis.


I’ve read over 500 comics and know the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost inside-out.


I’ve watched over 200 different anime series and have had a slight obsession with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings since I was a child.


I’m an ex-competitive console gamer, and in my early teens, I developed a love for building and repairing PCs.

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Mikey and Jo during a Geeky Tech team meeting
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