Head of Paid Search

Jack Vernon

I’ve come from a full-service background and I make strategies! By trade, I’m a PPC specialist but I’ve always tried to make sure that the paid activity we’re doing is in line with other acquisition channels. 

Jack Vernon

My Experience at Geeky Tech

The main aim of what I do is to make things as simple as possible. It’s far too easy to over-complicate things, especially in the ever-changing digital market. I try to take that complication, distill it down to its bare components and then present a nice, clean strategy that will deliver growth for our clients.


I’ve been all over the place but I’m currently in a town called Haverhill in the East of England near Cambridge. I was in Bristol and Cheltenham for a while, but I’ll always be a Stevenage boy at heart!

What Makes Me a Geek the Geekiest

My love of Excel would be a good place to start—without a doubt, it’s the most powerful tool anyone has at their fingertips! I suppose my record collection, my CD collection & my 1996 Kenwood Series 21, 6 Stack HiFi system might also make me a bit of a geek.


My Office Claim to Fame

I used to live on the same street as Lewis Hamilton & Ashley Young…suppose that’s something. 


I also played against Reece Topley (England White-Ball Cricketer) in a school cricket match. As a youth footballer I played for Southend, Colchester & Cambridge—yep all my claims to fame are sports related. (I also met Teddy Sheringham on a plane to Portugal).